Self Love

A journey to liberation and devotion

Many of us are like birds, sitting in a cage with it’s gates wide open! We once decided that the cage was safe and comfortable, and after years of living “safe” we began to feel trapped. Strongly convinced that there was no way out, we failed to see/recognize that the cage’s gates were wide open. With this workshop you gain the power to choose to fly FREE!


  • Getting Aware of your Unique Self.
  • Understanding what makes you Unique.
  • Accepting the Uniqueness within yourself; while respecting the differences in others.
  • Feeling the Worth of your Unique Self and the power to Create the life you desire.
  • Loving ALL the parts of you that make you Unique and Special.

Doelgroep: iedereen
Duur: 150 minuten
Datum en tij:d: zie onze agenda online of stuur een mail.
Aantal deelnemers: minimaal: 3, maximaal: 5.
Jouw investering: SRD 400,- per persoon.
Facilitators: Erika van der Mark, Transformational Coach en Tariq Sadiek, Life Coach.

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