A Year of Gratitude: Daily Moments of Reflection, Grace, and Thanks


365 Daily reflections, affirmations, and meditations for fostering gratitude year-round

Practicing daily gratitude can increase joy, confidence, and productivity while lessening negativity, anxiety, and depression. A Year of Gratitude is filled with 365 short practices, positive affirmations, inspiring quotes, and simple reflections you can do every day.

Explore a range of exercises that draw on mindfulness, meditation, positive psychology, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Over the year, they can help you cultivate healthier habits, increased self-awareness, and greater resiliency in the face of everyday challenges.

  • Bite-sized bits of gratitude―Spend just a few minutes each day strengthening your gratitude practice with quick, easy exercises.
  • A variety of inspiration―Keep your daily practice fresh with a unique mix of mindfulness meditations, motivational quotes, positive affirmations, and beyond.
  • Evidence-based methods―Make gratitude a habit through research-supported approaches like positive psychology, CBT, mindfulness, and more.

Invite more mindfulness and gratitude into every area of your life with a year’s worth of daily, guided practices.